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The Threat is the Virus, not the people.


We will get through this, Together.

Invest in Health Security


About Us

We are a company dedicated to health and safety by providing fast, secure and technologically advanced screening solutions to the community.

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How it Works

We remove the sense of isolation from our customers’ decision-making process and ensure they have the most dependable, proven information possible to manage their business and safeguard their employees.

  • On-site services managed by certified front-line medical personnel

    • Over 300 certified nursing professionals

    • 3 designated labs across Canada capable of processing 35,000 patients weekly

    • Health Canada, FDA and CE - approved tests and methodology

    • Specimen and PPE kits individually assembled per booking

    • Closed looped communication with nursing management

      • pre- and post-scheduled booking

  • Licensed and dependable laboratory partners

    • Coast-to-coast coverage

  • 24-hour turnaround time

  • Action plan for positive or negative outcome


“Everyone deserves to be tested and protected. A complete process of effective testing and tracing to contain infections and a targeted roll out of vaccines to those who need it is how we can achieve a more normalized way of life”

John McMullen, CEO
ScreenPro Security

“Ontario remains firmly caught in the grasp of a major second wave of Covid-19. Daily infection is now above 2,000 new cases per day . Hospitalization is increasing rapidly, as is the occupancy of intensive care units.”

Ontario Hospital Association

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