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  • IV Therapy   

  • Home Care  

  • Concierge visits

  • IV Therapy   

  • Home Care  

  • Concierge visits


About us

Founded in 2020, ScreenPro Security is a health and wellness management company that delivers professional health and medical solutions to Canadians.  With a focus on concierge medical services, ScreenPro Security offers personalized health care services such as IV vitamin therapy, personal home care, nurse care, on-call urgent medical care, nutrition, and health screening services, such as COVID-19 testing. Our team of board-certified physicians and health care professionals bring years of expertise to provide knowledgeable and trustworthy solutions to improve patients’ overall health outcomes. ScreenPro's unique access to multiple manufacturers of high-quality test kits and its strategic partnership with labs in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec allows ScreenPro to be a full-service nationwide provider of COVID-19 testing and health solutions across Canada.


In addition, ScreenPro has various subsidiaries in the health and wellness industry such as Concierge Medical, which is a group of board-certified physicians who provide private, discreet, and personalized healthcare to Canadians and Naturevan Nutrition, which provides 100% Canadian made vitamin supplements distributed through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. ScreenPro prides itself in having a fully equipped team of physicians and nursing professionals with on-the-ground support staff and access to high-quality PPEs. Our team of healthcare professionals ensure the highest standard of care, practice, and safety standards to ensure each patient has a safe and effective healthcare experience.

Medical Team

Our healthcare solutions provide a broad range of different medical and health management services to help patients optimize their health.

3 Key factors for Success


We have earned the trust from some of the most prominent film and production companies in Canada providing health screening services and continue to build our reputation of being Canada’s leader in health management solutions.


Our team of Board-Certified Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Licensed Personal Support Workers have an abundance of experience and skills to support diverse health concerns.


We pride ourselves in providing Canadians the highest standard of health care.

covid testing

Covid Screening

Did you know we are one of the top health screening contenders in Canada? We pride ourselves in our partnerships with some of the most renowned film companies in Canada providing COVID-19 testing and providing same day test results through our Canadian labs. We offer health screening and COVID-19 testing on-site or in-clinic. 

Our Services

IV Therapy
IV Therapy


IV Vitamin Therapy


Personal home care

IV Therapy, Home Care and Concierge visits


With the ongoing healthcare crisis in Canada, providing fast, reliable, and efficient health care to Canadians is a priority. We offer healthcare solutions and memberships to patients who are looking for prioritized care on their time. This means no long wait times to see a physician, on-demand and 24/7 medical consults and visits with our team healthcare professionals. With a large selection of services, patients are able to combat their health issues and improve their overall health from the comfort of their home or in our clinic. 


Naturopathy is one of the simplest ways to feel your best. We offer nutrition, diet plans and supplements to improve your health with Canadian made vitamins and supplements. With Canada's natural health supplement market globally recognized as having first-rated standards and guidelines, patients are getting the highest standard of nutrition.


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